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Smartstart offer a comprehensive range of services to meet our customers ever expanding requirements. Whether it's a smart doorbell installation, to your whole home being upgraded, we have a solution for you. Below is an overview of what you can expect from a typical installation and a list of products we can supply, install and setup.


We can offer our expert advice to select the right products, install them and help you create a smart home to match your exact needs. 

Our Smart Home Products and Services

Whole Home Design Service

Smart Accent Lighting

Free Home Survey with our designers






Detailed Quotation Based On Your Requirements






Installation And Setup Of Your Tailored Smart Home






Optional Tutoring To Create Personalised Routines And Scheduling

Smart Home Move Service

Something we always get asked is 'Can I take this with me when I move'? The simple answer is yes, you can! 

With our smart home move service, we can remove all of your smart home products and reinstall them in your new property, allowing you to focus on everything else. Each move is different and we offer a free visit to your home to provide you an accurate quote.

For more information or if you would like to arrange a free home visit, get in touch today.

Individual Product Installation

If you're not ready for a whole home approach, we also offer sales and installation of individual products like smart doorbells, lights, speakers, cameras and more.


We can tailor everything to your requirements, so why not get in touch to see how we can help.

Our Products

We have an extensive range of products that we can offer you to ensure you have the perfect solution that's fully customised to your needs. Below is a list of the types of products we offer.

Smart Security Camera


Indoor/outdoor cameras

Video doorbells

Motion sensors

Door/window sensors

Door locks

Smart Home Lighting


Heating and cooling 


Curtain/blind automation

Audio solutions

Voice assistants

Smart Home Design


Smart home design consultation

Product integration

Customised scheduling

Fully tailored solutions

Network optimisation

Smart speaker and smart phone being set up to connect to each other
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